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this is the unincident page

I will attemp to paint a picture as to the evening of the unincident and the subsequent unfolding of events

'the unincident'

A pictorial exhibit taken directly from images captured by Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) cameras- allowing viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the actions of peace officers during my take-down and arrest

I will try to show the unincident using the SPS evidence available

rear celica view
Here is where the In-Car-Camera-System started recording

celica parking lot
celica parking lot 2 view
celica turning parked car
woman not looking
woman not looking 2 celica parked
stew gets out

H3> stew gets out stew gets out 1 stew gets out 2 stew walking

blah blah describe

stew gone stew gone1
keating at celica keating at door
keating locked out
keating new plan keating back hatch
keating gets into car
keating mcavoy look keating-mcavoy find nothing
where are the drugs? I was hoping they had some drugs...
mcavoy no drugs

Really? No drugs?"

mcavoy go look

I'll go look for the drugs

find any drugs?

Find any yet!?"

the boss is here

Oh shit, the boss is here...

still no drugs mcavoy and flashlight
mcavoy pointing
boss cop not buying

You can tell the driver wants nothing to do with the scene...

boss cop leaves

Something went bad. Boss Cop is not sticking around...

boss cops leaving
boss cops left

oooouuta here...

mcavoy still looking

why can't I find any drugs...!?!

james leaves in copcar

I am driven to SPS HQ. Note the black unmarked car...

cop pickcar

black unmarked pick car acts as a shield if my car stops at any red lights.

keating still looking

The pick car also allows my driver to do brake 'checks'... while I am handcuffed... behind my back... sitting on a plastic seat... no seatbelt

mcavoy looking
found papers just papers
darn it no drugs

darn it! These guys don't have any drugs on them? Just papers...

what now

So, what now?

truck arrives

what you got

so what'ya got?

you got nothing

So, you got nothing? car not stolen and no drugs...?

end of parking lot unincident

heading to SPS HQ

enter sallyport
pickcar sallyport

note pickcar

parking parked
in car sallyport
in car sallyport

how many cops does it take to remove a man with handcuffs behind his back..?

in car 6 cops
in car all cops
in car move car

I'm handcuffed behind my back...

in car bag

putting a spit sock on my head, because I was spitting blood... and to hide my face from cameras

out car bag
toward elevator

at elevator
elevator finger
elevator finger2

I'm handcuffed behind my back...


how many cops can you fit in a service elevator?

james elevator
james elevator1  elevator corner
elevator corner2  elevator corner3
elevator desk

I am in the process of providing explanations & descriptions of the photos/screenshots..

thank you for your patience and understanding

I hope you enjoyed your visit.

peace. love. stew

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