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stew's truth project

stew's truth project will forever be a work-in-progress- like my website and book..

My goal of the truth project will also co-incide with the justcallmestew show; to have real, open, honest, adult discussion/perspectives on these topics.

For far too long we have been stuck with an uncontrollable, deceitful news-media-mafia, peddling insane corporate-influenced narratives and nonsense.
These fictional narratives serve to remove truth as we know it and replace it with The System's fabrications and falsehoods. These fraudulent fiascoes, in time, result in unnatural and foolish consequences. The likes of which we see today...

Proof is everywhere if you aren't too broke to pay attention!

From unrealistic plane crashes and a fake energy crisis, to fictional deadly viruses, fraudulent mass-shooting maniacs, fabricated and phony wars like the war on Terror, out-of-control-government-debt-spending and a perverted, shameless, pro-active victim/snowflake society.

All these ills, and more, claim their success directly from The System and it's news-media-mafia using unethical, deliberately misleading, hypocritcal and deceitful tactics...

It is my hope stew's truth project will ultimately become a collaborative effort. A place where sages and scholars can meet and share their information and materials (like evidence), so that visitors to justcallmestew can view it for themselves.

stew's truth project will be my attempt to showcase in very relateable ways, the many layers of conspiracies and secrets of our unknowledge and help to uncover all that which has been hidden from us

We have been uninformed. It is time we uncover the truth

stew's truth project will serve as a collection house for bold truths and conspiracy facts.

It is my intention for stew's truth project to gather light wherever it can. If you or someone you know has great information for an truth topic, or an idea for a new truth topic, I welcome your thoughts

Below is a long list of various topics or subjects that I feel have been clouded by the news-media-mafia which resulted in one-way thinking or closed-minded perceptions. Unthinking.

I believe there is far more to these topics than the news-media-mafia and The System would ever admit.

stew's truth project is not of my control- I cannot own the truth or expect to profit from it. I seek to merely allow it a safe harbour.

It is my hope stew's truth project will one day provide a common ground for open-minded, loving, honest people from all over the world to better understand our own uncertainties

The System and the news-media-mafia feed on those uncertainties. A deviously clever, perpetual cycle of untrue problems resulting in unhealthy symptoms undermining an unknowing society

stew’s truth project
(no particular order)

Money + Debt + Taxes + Federal Reserve + Central banking - - - - - Slavery- Then and now

Propaganda + TV + brainwashing

Country or Corporation of Canada

Gasoline + Oil + Petroleum

Dinosaurs + Evolution + Giants

News-Media-Mafia + Hollywood

Celeb + Musician deaths incl. Elvis + Lennon + Tupac + Kobe

Nutrition + Diet + Water + Fluoride + soft metals

Modern Science + Einstein + Tesla

Police State + Military Theatre

Vaccines + viruses + Influenza + Polio + AIDS

Passenger airplanes + Levitation

unreal Mass shootings

Maritime Law + UCC + Common Law- - - - Gold + silver

Communism + Socialism + Capitalism + Racism + Feminism + LGBTQ

Freemasonry and Secret Societies + Protocols of Zion + 1290 Edict of Expulsion + Anti-semitism

Global Climate Warming Change - - - - - - Political assassinations i.e. JFK

9-11 + Al Qaeda + Iran + ISIS + CIA + MOSSAD

NASA + Moon Landings + Space + ISS

Gambling + Lotteries + Professional Sports

Cancer + Cancer Industry + Doctors + Western Medicine + Drugs + Big Pharma

World Wars + World Banks + World Leaders + New World Order

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