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welcome to stew's stuff page - where, from time to time, I will be selling some unique and interesting items

I currently have some select souvenir seeds I am offering for sale
blue weed

I have hand-selected an assortment of 2 of my finest strands of souvenir seeds- Purple Kush and Purple Strawberry Kush


purple kush

Purple Kush Flower

purple kush2

Purple Kush

Purple Strawberry

purple strawberry image

Souvenir seed prices are as follows:

5 seeds (+1 bonus seed) = $20.00

10 seeds (+2 bonus seeds) = $30.00

20 seeds (+3 bonus seeds) = $50.00

Please note: seeds are sold as souvenirs and novelty only

Payment options: Cash or money order - Money orders can be purchased at some corner stores, gas stations, payday loan places and chain stores like Walmart

Payment can be sent to:

PO Box # 3 Hanley, SK S0G 2E0

No guarantees. No contract implied.

thank you for visiting justcallmestew

peace. love. stew

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