the justcallmestew show

The justcallmestew show

welcome to the justcallmestew show!

the justcallmestew show will be my show with my own opinions. As the host, along with special guests, I'll discuss current problems we, as Canadian's, are suffering from as a result of the news-media-mafia's unrealistic and unsustainable narratives

the justcallmestew show will discuss the unreal issues and unbelieveable problems directly related to an unknowing society

the justcallmestew show will be unafraid to challenge the fictions, falsehoods, fakery and fraudulent fuckery the news-media-mafia spews
the justcallmestew show - where listeners can undeniably expect the unexpected

thank you for visiting justcallmestew and listening to the justcallmestew show

peace. love. stew

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