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justcallmestew is a conspiracy-fact and truth-focused website that boldly pokes fun at The ESTABLISHMENT (aka: The System) and the news-media-mafia

This site is a direct result of my book, Here Come the Heroes, detailing my near 10-year experience with Saskatoon law-enforcement and the judiciary in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Originally, the purpose for creating this website was another way to tell my story. You see, I became a self-represented litigant or SRL, standing up for myself against the System.

Like a bad B-Movie, I was forced to prove my innocence against bogus charges. Standing my ground while enduring years of hostility from callous, unCanadian public officials.

For now, consider justcallmestew as my sarcastic reply to Canada's controlled, deceitful and hypocritical news-media-mafia

This website has felt a lot like a journey... but justcallmestew is not a final destination.

Trust me, I don't know where I'm going.

Although, that is probably due to the fact I don't know where I am...

What originally started as my questioning of laws, money, the System and it's seemingly ever-increasing-powers, has slowly transformed into what you are reading meow.

If I could call this website anything, I would call justcallmestew a safe, happy place to unlearn.

Visitors to justcallmestew are directed to explore stew's unincident page, where I attempt to provide a better perspective into the original parking lot story-

the unincident itself and the subsequent unfolding of events from that evening on August 24, 2012

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