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welcome to my about page . My name is James

Friends just call me stew

it is my hope to tell my story to the people. maybe to shed some light on some cockroaches.

I call it the unincident

Back on August 24, 2012, around 7:00pm, I exited my brother's parked car in a parking lot on 8th St and Grosvenor and was violently assaulted by five Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) officers

The first 2 vehicles on scene were unmarked traffic cars. Dark paint with tinted windows.

Bolth cars were fully equipped with all sorts of the latest gadgets and gizmos- GPS tracking, wi-fi enabled portable computers, two-way radios and most importantly, Panasonic In-Car-Camera-Systems (ICCS)

I suffered a concussion, facial cuts, nearly had my nose and left cheek broken, denied medical attention and instead, was officially accused of grinding my own face on the pavement.
I was handcuffed behind my back and searched. My personal belongings (wallet, house keys, cellphone) were seized and I was carried into the back of a marked police car which quickly took me to jail.
Upon entering SPS HQ, I was bullied by multiple officers who refused to answer any of my questions. I was harassed at the booking desk and staff did not allow me to call a lawyer.

Officers stripped me of my hoody, sneakers and my belt before placing me alone in a cold cell with just my shorts and t-shirt. I was left there until morning.

The next day, around 6:30am, I was fingerprinted & photographed. Later, around 10:30 that morning I was finally made aware of my charges

I was charged with assaulting two separate Peace Officers, with intention to resist my lawful arrest AND one-count of wilfully obstructing an individual Peace Officer in his lawful duty

after a series of delays, I was finally released from jail around 1:00pm. A period of time lasting nearly 18 hours

Somehow, according to the Saskatoon Police, nearly all of the audio AND video evidence collected from those two unmarked vehicles, along with the additional EIGHT marked vehicles that arrived at the scene, went MISSING!

So, after months of excuses and delays, I never received ANY audio recordings or witness statements, or any actual police evidence that could prove these fictional criminal charges against me.

Nevertheless, I was obligated by the very uncaring and unclever Judge Albert Lavoie, the case-management judge, to attend a 3-day criminal court appearance. I would attend criminal court April 16-18, 2013 as a result of the 3 fabricated charges I faced.

As a self-represented litigant, SRL, although capable and competent enough to raise plenty of doubt against those three fictional charges, amazingly, on May 3, 2013, I was found guilty in Saskatoon Criminal Court of willful obstruction by the Judge, Barry Singer

Unbelieve-ably enough, by his very own admission, Justice Singer confirmed I, along with my brother, did NOT actually receive a fair trial

Through it all, the supposed independent News-Media-Mafia was silent.

I sued the first five SPS Officers, who were involved in the parking lot unincident, for $500,000.00CAD in July 2014 for damages directly caused by their unlawful actions.

Once again, the free press of the News-Media-Mafia was silent.

After enduring years of fruitless case-management conferences, with no success in obtaining any evidence or even witness statements, the arrogant, bald-headed Judge, Mr. Ron Mills, I eventually pigeion-holed me into my civil trial at Court of Queen's Bench, in Saskatoon.

It was a civil trial, with a jury of 6 women that took place for an entire week, from April 28 to May 3, 2019. The presiding judge was an old old cripple, Justice R.S. Smith, presiding.

Again, the News-Media-Mafia was silent.

The allegedly free and independent Canadian news-media-mafia with it's multiple newspapers, magazines and all those radio and TV stations, was unsuprisingly, completely silent...

Consider justcallmestew and my book, Here Come The Heroes, my humble answer to the undeniable tragedy of an unknowing society shackled with a completely unaccountable and unrestrained news-media-mafia

My website justcallmestew and my book, Here Come the Heroes, have not come without their problems and complications.

This near decade-long ordeal, from the many corrupt judges, to the asshole prosecutors and the bitchy court clerks, to the Saskatoon Police Service and their well-paid lawyers and with everything else all of them tried to put me through, has been a completely life-altering experience.

Throughout my search for answers and quest for truth, I have been plagued with doubts, contradictions and serious questions. Questions like:

It is my hope my book, Here Come the Heroes and this website, justcallmestew, will shine a bright light on these questions.
Thank you for visiting justcallmestew

peace. love. stew

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